We Are Warriors!

According to Webster, a warrior is a man engaged in a conflict or struggle. Of course it would be foolish to compare the game of baseball with the many conflicts and struggles that have led men to take up arms and to lay down their lives in defense of their family, nation, and God given freedoms. And yet, we can and do learn many life lessons from the sports we play. Therefore our core principle is to do everything with excellence and be givers…not takers. This standard of excellence and service has been and will continue to be the foundation upon which every truly great organization is built.

The Louisville Slugger (formerky known as TPX) Warriors have one mission in mind, that is to develop the boys we are privileged to work with by delivering an excellent baseball experience that focuses on the development of strong character traits as they grow to be self-sacrificing young men. This will be achieved through elevated expectations for all players, coaches, and parents. If character building is our mission then excellence on the field of play will surely follow.LS Logo

Our GOAL is to develop the CHARACTER of the young men who play in the Louisville Slugger Warrior Baseball Club. This goal will be realized by TEACHING these young warriors to play baseball the right way, with class! We will further DEVELOP our players so that they can play at the highest possible level as a team, and at the highest possible individual level after Louisville Slugger Warrior Baseball. Our final goal is TRAIN up coaches that are effective and inspiring.